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Logo of BIT Sindri.jpg
BIT Sindri logo.
Motto Niyatan Kuru Karmatwam
Established 1949
Type Educational and research institution
Director Prof. S.K. Singh
Undergraduates 3000
Postgraduates 440
Location Sindri, Jharkhand, India
Campus Urban, area 400 acres (1.6 km2)
Acronym BIT

BIT Sindri (formerly known as Bihar Institute of Technology, Sindri but now Birsa Institute of Technology, Sindri) is a govt. engineering college in Jharkhand, India. BIT Sindri was at its helm in the 1970s and 1980s and it produced nation's best engineer during that era. It was equipped with most modern and latest lab. facilities which invited students from many engineering colleges including IITs (Indian Institute of Technology) for internship in BIT Sindri. BIT has received funding from the World Bank for Various of its projects and researches which attracts world's attention.[citation needed]


BIT was founded in 1949 under the name of the College of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering at Patna.[citation needed]

In 1952, degree programs were introduced.


Administrative building

BIT Sindri is located on 400 acres (1.6 km2) of land in the industrial town of Sindri in Dhanbad district.



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Prayaas India[edit]

Prayaas India logo
  • PRAYAAS INDIA is the shape given to efforts of the students of B.I.T. Sindri, Dhanbad who thought of the humanitarian aspects nurturing in their minds.Prayaas India is a Non-Governmental Organisation which came into existence on April 10, 2008, starting with 10 volunteers and 25 children for providing free and quality education to underprivileged children living in slums and villages near college campuses. The whole management of the organization is handled by BIT Sindri students. Apart from two-hours evening tuitions to more than 500 children, they are admitted in good private schools for formal education. At present Prayaas is run efficiently by the help of 70 volunteers and their initiatives reach to about 950 unprivileged children among 8 centers. Presently, Prayaas is run by self contribution of the volunteers and voluntary donations of other BITians. The volunteer allocate their spare time in evening to teach children.

We harness the support, money time skill of ever increasing number of budding techies, professors,local people and other peoples connected directly or indirectly who could provide resources and thousands of dedicated field-workers across India struggling to function for lack of them.

EDUCATE INDIA : Through this project, we are trying to reach out each and every underprivilege children to provide necessary education and to make them their own livelihood. We try to inclucate as much as possible good habits and right way of living. We are trying to motivate the innocent villagers to come forward and educate their children for better future.

RAKTADAAN : Under this project, we conduct Blood Donation Cum Blood Identification camps mainly targeting the campus students, professors and nearby local people for donation. Prayaas India team has been awarded by the District Collector of Dhanbad for Highest Number of Blood Units Donated from an Organization (122 units) in one Session and 99 units in single day in Jharkhand. Recently, we have broken all the records by any organization with the donation of 248 units in a session.

EKLAVYA : Through this project, we promote the meritorious students by getting them admitted in private schools. The expenses involved are fully borne by Prayaas and help of Sponsors. In 2014-15 session, we have admitted eight students in Chasnala Academy, Chasnala and we are planning to increase the number of students by the help of generous people around us.

GREEN INDIA : Through this project, we have projected to plant more and more number of trees in coming future and organize campaigns to make people aware of bad effect of global warming and teach a lesson. "Plant a tree today, For breathe of your son tomorrow". This project will get into action after approval of forest dept.

SWABHIMAAN : It aims at empowering the women and here also, we have started with the paper bag making and in near future, we are planning for agarbatti making and knitting works.

%22RAINBOW%22 :We have been incessantly organizing innumerous cultural fests in our organization. These cultural, literary and sports events have been clubbed together under the head of "RAINBOW". This is the Biggest Annual Fest of Sindri as a whole . In the past we have organized many cultural, scientific , intellectual and sports events for the localities of Domgarh, villages near BIT Main gate but with RAINBOW we are opening the doors for Bitians, Students and all the people who are unfortunate to get platform to show their talents.
A part of fund for feeding this organization comes from donations made voluntarily by undergraduate students studying at B.I.T Sindri. This donation is collected on a monthly basis.
Major contributors are: ONGC [1], S.B.I SINDRI
REFERENCES: Prayaas india official website.

Central Library

Placements at BIT Sindri[edit]

BIT Sindri, the only government engineering college in the state, made a record of sorts in 2011 when the total number of students securing jobs through campus recruitment crossed the 500 mark. Institute students were delighted when the TCS announced to give annual scholarship of Rs 10,000 to the topper of computer science and engineering branch. In 2010, the total number of students who had secured job through campus placement drive was 468.[1] For 2012 batch students,IT major Tata Consultancy Services offered jobs to 201 students. The students have been offered a salary package of up to Rs 3.8 lakh per annum. But still there is huge Craze of GATE in the Campus and people score well in GATE every year.[2]

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