Birthright (The Outer Limits)

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The Outer Limits episode
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 21
Directed by William Fruet
Written by Michael Berlin and Eric Estrin
Production code 21
Original air date 13 August 1995
Guest actors

Perry King as Richard Adams,
Mimi Kuzyk as Dr. McKenna,
Scott Swanson as Kyle Haller

Episode chronology
← Previous
"If These Walls Could Talk"
Next →
"The Voice of Reason"
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"Birthright" is an episode of The Outer Limits television show. It first aired on 13 August 1995, during the first season.


United States Senator Richard Adams suffers a head injury in a car accident. A brain scan reveals some very unusual features.

Opening narration[edit]


Senator Richard Adams (Perry King) is at the top of his game. But after a press conference extolling the virtues of a new fuel additive BE-85, which is supposed to clean up the atmosphere, he and his aide, Evan Branch are in a serious auto accident. Branch is dead, and Adams has a head injury, but his attending physician, Dr. Leslie McKenna (Mimi Kuzyk), is baffled by his unusual x-rays—four frontal brain lobes and only three major organs. Before Adams can figure out what happened, a large security detail whisks him and his files away to the Sendrax Corporation, the home of BE-85. It turns out that Adams is an alien and his "kind" are trying to keep their presence a secret. And because their body make up is different, BE-85, with long term use, will reconfigure the Earth's atmosphere so it is poisonous to humans, and compatible for the aliens. Adams realizes that he is in danger, and escapes to see McKenna, the only person he can trust. Together they unlock the secret of Adams' identity and the horror of the alien master plan, and divulge the secret of BE-85 to Kyle Haller (Scott Swanson), an aggressive young reporter. Before Haller can expose the aliens he is killed and McKenna is framed for the murder. In the end, Adams thinks he has escaped the aliens, but then his taxi driver turns out to be an alien...

Closing narration[edit]


  • The alien invasion in this episode is referenced again in the next episode, "The Voice of Reason".

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