Bisalpur Dam

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Bisalpur Dam
Bisalpur Dam is located in Rajasthan
Bisalpur Dam
Location of Bisalpur Dam
Country India
Location Deoli
Coordinates 25°55′28″N 75°27′20″E / 25.92444°N 75.45556°E / 25.92444; 75.45556Coordinates: 25°55′28″N 75°27′20″E / 25.92444°N 75.45556°E / 25.92444; 75.45556
Opening date 1999
Construction cost 556crores
Dam and spillways
Type of dam Gravity
Height 39.5 m (130 ft)
Length 574 m (1,883 ft)
Spillway capacity 29,046 m3/s (1,025,750 cu ft/s)
Total capacity 1,100,000,000 m3 (891,785 acre·ft)
Active capacity 1,040,000,000 m3 (843,142 acre·ft)
Surface area 218.36 km2 (84 sq mi)

Bisalpur Dam is a gravity dam on the Banas River near Deoli in Tonk district, Rajasthan, India. The dam was completed in 1999 for the purpose of irrigation and water supply.[1]


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