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Bisceglia is an Italian family name that originates from the Apulia region of Italy and from Tempio Pausania, an important town of Sardinia Island.


Immigration in the early 1900s led to Bisceglia family settlements in northern California, Massachusetts (Boston, Leominster, Worcester), Virginia, Washington, Kentucky (Middlesboro) and Kansas areas.

In Massachusetts, the family began in earliest knowledge to date with Giovanni and Gaspare Bisceglia, their wives, Grazia (Placentino) Bisceglia and Sunsidina (Placentino) Bisceglia. Giovanni and Grazia Bisceglia's children were Anthony, Egidio, Clement, and Clevia, as well as a child that died at birth.

Gaspare and Sunsidina's children were E. Vincent, Alba, and Delores Bisceglia.

Gaspare is particularly notable in the Leominster, Massachusetts area for the formation of the Leominster Colonial Band, a timeless civic band which performs regularly at the Bisceglia Bandstand in Carter Park, Leominster, MA. Gaspare's son, E. Vincent Bisceglia succeeded him later and many family members have since been members of the Italian Colonial Band.

Rumor has existed that anyone with the surname "Bisceglia" is a direct descendant of "Lord Bisceglia". "Lord Bisceglia" was a General in the Italian Army that saved the town subsequently named for him (Bisceglie) on the Adriatic coast of Italy. Since that time, any descendants of "Lord Bisceglia" is technically a "Lord" or "Lady" of the feudal nation of Italy.