Bisera Alikadić

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Bisera Alikadić
Born (1939-02-08) 8 February 1939 (age 75)
Livno, Kingdom of Yugoslavia
Occupation poet
Nationality Bosnian
Ethnicity Bosniak

Bisera Alikadić (born 8 February 1939) is a contemporary Bosnian poet from Livno. She is best known best for her work Larva and Krug. She mostly writes romance novels as well as the children books. She was one of the first Bosnian women to publish romance novels. Her books Grad Hrabrost (English: The City of Courage) and Knjiga Vremena (English: Book of Time) express the city of Sarajevo's struggle during the Bosnian War.

Some of the honors she received for her work include:

  • "Zlatni broš za umjetnost" (Golden broach for art) in 1999 by magazine "Žena 21" (Woman 21)
  • "Skender Kulenović" in 2003

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