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Bishop Martin High School (BMHS) is a Diocesan Roman Catholic high school located in Orange Walk Town, Belize. It was established on September 2, 2002 under the auspices of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Belize, under the episcopacy of Bishop Osmond Peter Martin, at the time Bishop of Belize City and Belmopan. When it opened with Mr. Rene Constanza as the Principal, BMHS had only about 60 students in first form. It moved to the present location on San Lorenzo Road in 2004. BMHS now has an enrollment of 305 students, and the Principal at present is Mr. Luis Pook, with Mrs. Luisa Gillett serving as Vice-Principal.


There are 315 students enrolled at BMHS for the 2013-14 school year. Students in first and second form (9th and 10th grade in an American school system) follow a curriculum that includes the same subjects across both forms, while third and fourth formers follow different academic programs. The focus of most of the subjects at third and fourth form is preparation for CSEC exams, just as in most Belizean high schools.

Education at BMHS is also focused on Catholic tradition and the calendar includes activities connected to the Church's liturgical year, including an emphasis on mission education- students prepare for the world, but also look to prepare their lives for beyond.

Student Life[edit]

The school has a unique way of involving parents through service hours. From participation in intramurals to involvement in fundraising activities, at BMHS education is rich and fulfilling.

BMHS also has a unique disciplinary system. A Head of Discipline is in overall charge of disciplinary matters; students get slips coded by colour instead of demerits and demerit cards.

Past Principals of BMHS[edit]

  • 2002-06 Mr. Rene Constanza
  • 2006-08 Mrs. Maria Johnston
  • 2008-10 Mrs. Flavia Burgos
  • 2010- Mr. Luis Pook


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