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The Anglican Bishop of Colombo is the bishop of the Diocese of Colombo, a diocese in the Church of Ceylon which is part of the Anglican Communion.


Bishops of Colombo[1]

  1. James Chapman D.D. 1845-1861 (first Bishop of Colombo installed in the presiding seat)
  2. Piers Claughton D.D. 1862-1871
  3. Hugh Jermyn D.D. 1872-1875 (later Primus of Scotland)
  4. Reginald Copleston D.D. 1876-1902 (translated to Calcutta as Metropolitan)
  5. Ernest Copleston D.D. 1903-1924
  6. Mark Carpenter-Garnier D.D. 1924-1938
  7. Cecil Horsley M.A., D.D. 1938-1947
  8. Rollo Graham Campbell D.D. 1948-1964
  9. Harold de Soysa M.A. 1964-1971 (first Ceylonese Bishop of Colombo)
  10. Cyril Abeynaike M.A. 1971-1977
  11. Swithin Fernando 1978-1987
  12. Jabez Gnanapragasam B.D. 1987-1992
  13. Kenneth Fernando B.A., B.D. 1992-2001
  14. Duleep De Chickera B.Th., M.Sc. 2001-2010
  15. Dhiloraj Canagasabey B.Th., B.Div. 2011-


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