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Unless otherwise stated, the following list is based on the records of the Chronicle of Edessa (to c.540) and the Chronicle of Zuqnin. According to the Catholic Encyclopedia, the bishopric of Edessa continued into the eleventh century.

Date became bishop (if known) Date of death (or floruit) Name of bishop Comments
flourished c. 100 Thaddeus According to Eusebius
flourished c. 190 Mar Aggai According to Eusebius
flourished c. 200 Palut According to Eusebius;
contemporary of Serapion of Antioch
flourished 304 Conon of Edessa
Sha'ad of Edessa The Chronicle of Edessa places him between Conon and Ethalaha
324 346? Ethalaha of Edessa The Chronicle of Edessa omits his date of death;
Abraham is said to have become bishop in 346
346 361 Abraham of Edessa
361 March, 378 Barses of Edessa Translated by imperial order from Haran to Edessa.
379 Good Friday, 387 Eulogius of Edessa Said to have been ordained the same year Theodosius became Emperor
22 July 398 Cyrus I of Edessa
397 17 October 398 Silvanus of Edessa
23 November 398 the "neomenia of the month of Ab", 409 Pakida of Edessa
409 411 Diogenes of Edessa
411 8 August 435 Rabbula
435 28 October 457 Ibas The Chronicle of Edessa states he was deposed 1 January 448, and restored 2 years later.
21 July 448 471 Nonnus The Chronicle of Edessa states he left the see of Edessa in 450, but was restored to Edessa after Ibas' death in 457.
471 6 June 498 Cyrus II of Edessa Cyrus convinced Emperor Zeno to close the School of the Persians in Edessa.
498 10 April 510 Peter of Edessa Entered Edessa 12 September
510 27 July 522 Paul Deposed by Patricius for his Monophysitism
23 October 522 27 June 526 Asclepius of Edessa Died in Antioch
Paul had appointed him Bishop of Haran.
8 March 526 30 October 526 Paul, restored Accepted the Council of Chalcedon; was restored after Asclepius' death.
7 February 527 December 532 Andreas of Edessa
28 August 533 unknown Addi of Edessa Date of death fell after completion of the Chronicle of Edessa;
it is possible one bishop may have served between Addi and Jacob Bardaeus
541 30 July 578 Jacob Baradaeus Also abbot of Pesitta.
Dates taken from his Wikipedia article.
578 602/603 Severus of Edessa Stoned to death by Narses
The episcopal structure appears to have been disrupted due to war:
602/603 -- Edessa captured by the Persians; recovered by the Romans 604/605
May 611 -- Edessa recaptured by the Persians
627 -- Persians evacuate Edessa as part of treaty
638 -- Edessa surrenders to the Muslim general Yazid
before 644 649/650 Simon of Edessa Died in Amida
650/651 664/665 Cyriacus of Edessa
664/665 709/710 James II
709/710 728/729 Habib of Edessa
728/729 after 745 Constantine of Edessa Date of death missing from Chronicle of Zuqnin
before 755 754/755 Timothy of Edessa
754/755 760/761 Zacharias the Stylite
760/761 after 775 Elijah of Qartnim The Chronicle of Zuqnin states he was not ordained.
Although the Chronicle of Zuqnin continues to 775, no further episcopal details are provided.