Diocese of Stavanger

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For the medieval Catholic diocese, see Ancient Diocese of Stavanger.
Stavanger Cathedral was finished around 1150
Photography from 1913

Stavanger is a diocese in the Church of Norway. It covers Rogaland. The cathedral city is Stavanger, and the bishop since 2009 is Erling Johan Pettersen.


The Diocese of Stavanger was established, and separated from the Diocese of Bjørgvin, in 1112 (or maybe 1125). The diocese then covered the (modern) counties of Rogaland, Aust-Agder and Vest-Agder – and also the regions of Valdres and Hallingdal (together with the parishes Eidfjord and Røldal from Hordaland).

The parish of Eidfjord was transferred from Stavanger to Bjørgvin in 1630. The regions Valdres and Hallingdal were transferred from Stavanger to Oslo in 1631. (But Oslo had to give the upper part of Telemark to Stavanger in return.)

The cathedral city of the diocese was moved from Stavanger to Kristiansand in 1684 (see Diocese of Agder og Telemark).

The diocese of Stavanger was reestablished in 1925 – but the diocese now only covered the county of Rogaland.

Bishops of Stavanger[edit]


Lutheran (–1682)[edit]

Lutheran (1925–)[edit]