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The Diocese of Tampere is the second oldest and the largest diocese in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland. It is divided into 69 parishes with a total population of over 660,000 people. The diocese is led by the Bishop of Tampere.


The history of the diocese goes back over 450 years. It was founded in 1554 when King Gustav Vasa divided the diocese of Turku, extending over the whole country, into two parts. At first, the new Diocese was established in Viipuri, the first bishop being Paavali Juusteen. After the Russian occupation of Viipuri in 1723 the bishop's seat was moved to Porvoo instead. But with the foundation of a new Swedish Diocese in Porvoo in 1923 the second oldest Diocese of Finland had to move to Tampere and since then the Diocese have been named the Diocese of Tampere.

The Bishop of Tampere[edit]

The Bishop of Tampere is the leader of the Diocese of Tampere. The current bishop is Rt Revd Matti Repo.

Bishops of Viipuri[edit]

List of bishops of Viipuri from 1554 to 1723

Bishops of Porvoo[edit]

List of bishops of Porvoo from 1723 to 1923

Bishops of Tampere[edit]

List of bishops of Tampere from 1923 to present day

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