Bishopsgate (Low Level) railway station

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Bishopsgate (Low Level)
Bishopsgate (Low Level) railway station.jpg
Bishopsgate (Low Level) is located in Central London
Bishopsgate (Low Level)
Bishopsgate (Low Level)
Location of Bishopsgate (Low Level) in Central London
Place Quaker Street, near Bishopsgate
Local authority Tower Hamlets
Grid reference TQ335821
Platforms 4
Original company Great Eastern Railway
4 November 1872 (1872-11-04) Opened as Bishopsgate (Low Level)
1 November 1875 Renamed Bishopsgate
22 May 1916 (1916-05-22) Closed
Replaced by None
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Portal icon UK Railways portalCoordinates: 51°31′21″N 0°04′29″W / 51.5225°N 0.0747°W / 51.5225; -0.0747

Bishopsgate (Low Level) was a railway station opened by the Great Eastern Railway (GER) on 4 November 1872 alongside the company's first London terminus, Bishopsgate, which stood on a viaduct (and thus became also known as Bishopsgate (High Level)).[1] The newer station was on a lower route, leading south-west, which the GER was building to its future Liverpool Street terminus and was situated on Quaker Street, on the eastern side of Shoreditch High Street (now in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets but then in the Metropolitan Borough of Bethnal Green) near Bishopsgate.[2]

In November 1875 the "high level" original Bishopsgate station closed to passengers[3] and the name of Bishopsgate (Low Level) was simplified to Bishopsgate. The high level terminus reopened as a converted goods station in 1881[3] known as Bishopsgate goods yard, with a subway linking it to the passenger station.

Map of the Bishopsgate and Liverpool Street area, 1906

Bishopsgate station was closed on 22 May 1916 with other inner-suburban stations on the GER line through the East End of London.[2] Today, little remains of the low level station except two derelict platforms visible from trains on the approach into Liverpool Street mainline station. The arches on the south platform were decorated in 2012 with panels displaying the flags of nations competing in the London Olympic Games that summer.

In 2010, Shoreditch High Street railway station was opened on the East London line, parallel, above and immediately to the north of the old Bishopsgate station.

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