Bismarckstraße (Berlin U-Bahn)

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The U2 platform
The U2 platform with new painting replacing the green U2 wall above
The U7 platform

Bismarckstraße is a Berlin U-Bahn station located in the Charlottenburg district on the U2 and U7 lines.

The two-level station opened on 28 April 1978 in the course of the extension of the U7 line from Fehrbelliner Platz to Richard-Wagner-Platz at the interchange with the U2 built in 1908. Bismarckstraße (after Chancellor Otto von Bismarck) had already been the original name of the neighbouring Deutsche Oper station on the U2 line until 1929. On U2 the next station is Deutsche Oper or Sophie-Charlotte-Platz. On U7 the next station is Wilmersdorfer Straße or Richard Wagner Platz.

Preceding station   Berlin U-Bahn   Following station
towards Ruhleben
towards Pankow
towards Rudow

Coordinates: 52°30′41″N 13°18′17″E / 52.51139°N 13.30472°E / 52.51139; 13.30472