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The districts of Copenhagen municipality:
A: Indre By ("Copenhagen Center")
B: Christianshavn
C: Indre Østerbro ("Inner Østerbro")
D: Ydre Østerbro ("Outer Østerbro")
E: Indre Nørrebro ("Inner Nørrebro")
F: Ydre Nørrebro ("Outer Nørrebro")
G: Bispebjerg
H: Vanløse
I: Brønshøj-Husum
J: Vesterbro
K: Kongens Enghave
L: Valby
M: Vestamager
N: Sundbyvester
O: Sundbyøster

Bispebjerg is one of the 10 official districts of Copenhagen, Denmark.[1] It lies on the north border of the municipality. It covers an area of 5.39 km², has a population of 40,033, and a population density of 7,389 per km². It is most commonly referred to as Nord-Vest (lit. English, "North-West"). The borough has a sizable number of immigrants specially from the Middle-East. With 23.2% of the inhabitants having a non-Western background, Bispebjerg is the second most diverse district of Copenhagen.[2]

Neighboring city districts are as follows:

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