Bissan Rafe

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Bissan Rafe
Artist during exhibition in Portugal 2013
Nationality Palestinian-American
Known for Surrealism, Illustrations, Fairytales, Biology, Fitness
Spouse(s) Bülent Düz (m. 2014)

Bissan Rafe (Arabic: بيسان رافع ‎) is an American visual artist of Palestinian origin living and working in Houston, Texas. She established Nohra-Studio in Houston back in 2007. Her work has been exhibited in various galleries and biennials throughout the world including: USA, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Japan, UK and Palestine.


Bissan's artwork ranges from political cartoons, oil paintings, illustrations and literature. Her art connects the concept of world culture and folklore with a Palestinian theme. She is also noted for her unique fiction writings and illustrated novelettes in the literary fiction anthology Μυρτισα II: The Perfect Work, a 4 volume series that includes four semi-illustrated stories in chronological order: Grandlazar, Veilchen, Verlassen and Repressalie).

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  • Shamms Islet: a dual publication, the first a folkloric novelette and the second an illustrated fairytale, which links Eastern to Western Asian cultures as seen through the eyes of a westerner. The story focuses mainly on the folklore of their countries: Palestine, Japan and Texas (USA). The story work was done in a series of Artist in Residence research the artist undertook from 2011-2013 in the previous fore-mentioned countries.


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