Biston (moth)

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Oak Beauty, Biston strataria
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Lepidoptera
Family: Geometridae
Subfamily: Ennominae
Tribe: Bistonini
Genus: Biston
Leach, 1815
  • Dasyphara Billberg, 1820
  • Pachys Hübner, 1822
  • Eubyja Hübner, 1825
  • Amphidasis Treitschke, 1825
  • Amphidasys Sodoffsky, 1837
  • Amphidasea Unger, 1856
  • Buzura Walker, 1863
  • Culcula Moore, 1888
  • Eubyjodonta Warren, 1893
  • Blepharoctenia Warren, 1894
  • Epamraica Matsumura, 1910

Biston is a genus of large, long-winged moths belonging to the family Geometridae. It is most notable for containing the well-known Peppered Moth.

Antennae of Biston species. 1 bipectinate, with long rami (male of Biston melacron) 2 bipectinate, with short rami (male of Biston thibetaria) 3 filiform (female of Biston betularia). Scale bar = 1 mm.


The species of Biston are widely distributed in Holarctic, Oriental and Ethiopian regions.


The genus currently contains 54 species and 40 subspecies.


Species include: