Bistra, Maramureș

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Orthodox Church in Valea Vişeului
Orthodox Church in Valea Vişeului
Commune Bistra in Maramureş County
Commune Bistra in Maramureş County
Bistra is located in Romania
Bistra within Romania
Coordinates: 47°50′50″N 23°55′40″E / 47.84722°N 23.92778°E / 47.84722; 23.92778Coordinates: 47°50′50″N 23°55′40″E / 47.84722°N 23.92778°E / 47.84722; 23.92778
Country  Romania
County Actual Maramures county CoA.pngMaramureş County
Commune Bistra
Historic region Transylvania
Component villages Bistra, Crasna Vişeului, Valea Vişeului
 • Mayor Vasile Bumbar (since 2004) (PD-L)
 • Total 132,39 km2 (5,112 sq mi)
Population (2011)
 • Total 4,133
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Bistra (Romanian: Bistra; Ukrainian: Бистрий/Bystryi; Hungarian: Petrovabisztra) is a commune in Maramureş County, Romania. The Ukrainian border is located to the north of the commune.The first documentary mention of the settlement dates from the 1411.


The commune is composed of three villages: Bistra, Crasna Vişeului (Petrovakraszna) and Valea Vişeului (Visóvölgy).

Valea Vişeului[edit]

Valea Vişeului (Ukrainian: Вишiвска Дοлина) is a village in Bistra commune.

The village is located in a very attractive region. The Ukraine border with Romania is located in the north of the village. In the north-west of the village the Vişeu river joins the Tisza. The Vişeu river also separates the village into two important areas : the main-part of the village - on the right bank of Vişeu river - and Zaveschiva - on the left bank of Vişeu river. The village has two churches: an Orthodox church and a Catholic church. Valea Vişeului railway station is an important railway station in Maramureş County,the village having direct links with some of the main cities of Romania, like Bucureşti, Timişoara, Cluj-Napoca or Mangalia (only in summer), and also with Ukraine - Rakhiv.


According to the 2011 census, the commune has a population of 4,133 inhabitants, of which 89% are Ukrainians and 10.5% Romanians. Because Ukrainians make up the majority of the population, the Ukrainian language is used beside Romanian for signage, education, access to justice and public services provided in both languages.


  • Valea Vişeului
    • Havrelo Clempuş, writer
    • Vasile Luţac, musician and teacher

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