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For the area in Germany, see Bitburg.
Bitburger Braugruppe GmbH
(Bitburger Brewery Group)
Location Germany Bitburg, Germany
Opened 1817
Barrels per year 3.86 million hl
Active beers
Name Type
Bitburger Premium Pils Pilsner
Bitburger Drive Low Alcohol
Bitburger Light Low Alcohol
Bitburger Alkoholfrei Alcohol Free
Bitburger Radler Fruit Beer
Kandimalz Malzbier
König Pilsener Pilsner
Köstritzer Schwarzbier Black beer
Licher Pilsner
Licher Weizen Wheat beer
Licher x² Holunder Fruit Beer
Wernesgrüner Pils Legende Pilsner
Wernesgrüner Lemon Fruit Beer
Wernesgrüner Alkolholfrei Alcohol Free
Other beers
Name Type
Bitburger Bit Copa Fruit Beer
Bitburger Bit Cola Libre Blond & Cola
Bitburger Bit Passion Fruit Beer
Bitburger Bit SUN Pale Lager

Bitburger brewery (Bitburger Brauerei Th. Simon GmbH) is a large German brewery founded in 1817 by Johann Wallenborn. Bitburger is headquartered in Bitburg, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.

Bitburger ranks number 3 among Germany's best selling breweries with annual sales of 3.86 million hectolitres in 2008, the best known product being Bitburger Premium Pils.


Johann Peter Wallenborn founded the brewery in Bitburg in 1817 at the age of 33. His father owned a brewery in Kyllburg. Three years after Wallenborn's death in 1839 Ludwig Bertrand Simon married into the family business and became owner of the brewery, naming it Simonbrau. His son, Theobald Simon, took over the brewery in 1876 at the age of twenty-nine.[1]


The company slogan is, "Bitte ein Bit." This is literally, "Please, a Bit," or "a Bit, please." In the 1970s a second slogan was introduced, "Abends Bit, morgens fit" ("Bit in the evening, fit in the morning") implying that the consumption wouldn't lead to a hangover. During that time either of the slogans could be found on Bitburger glasses.

Product range[edit]

A 5L Mini Keg of Bitburger Pilsner
A Bitburger Pilsner

Bitburger is a 4.8% abv Pilsner with annual sales of 1.2 million hectolitres. The popularity of Bitburger extends beyond the local area of Bitburg. Although Germans generally prefer local breweries, it is a popular beer throughout Western Germany, and is favored in many areas of North Rhine Westphalia even over Alt beer or Kölsch, which are popular in Düsseldorf and Köln.

In Germany, there are also variations of the original beer, mostly beermixes, available. "Bit Sun" (a light beer), "Cola Libre" (beer and cola and rum-lemon-flavour), "Bit Copa" (beer and lime and cachaca) and "Bit Passion" (beer and pomegranate). There is also a malzbier called "Kandimalz" and "Bitburger Alkoholfrei" (sold as Bitburger 'Drive' in English-speaking countries), a non-alcoholic version of the normal "Bitburger" where the alcohol is removed after the fermentation process rather than before.

It is exported throughout the world. It is also available in Mini Kegs in some countries such as Australia. In the US, it's available in 16.9oz cans, 11.2oz (0.33 l) bottles, the 5L Mini Keg, and on tap in select locations.

It was featured in the movie X-men: First Class.

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