Bitter & Sweet (album)

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Bitter & Sweet
Studio album by Beni
Released September 2, 2009
Recorded 2008-2009
Genre Pop, R&B
Language Japanese
Label Nayutawave Records
Universal Music Japan
Beni chronology
Chapter One: Complete Collection
Bitter & Sweet
Bitter & Sweet Release Tour Final
Alternative cover
CD+DVD Cover

Bitter & Sweet is the first album released by Beni Arashiro under her new label Universal Music Japan and her new stage name, Beni on September 2, 2009.[1] The CD+DVD version is a limited edition with all her single PVs and 2 new PVs named "The Boy Is Mine", which features Tynisha Keli, and "Superstar" which are both cover songs. The vocals for the DJ Hasebe Remix of "Kiss Kiss Kiss" were recorded from one of her live performances.[2][3] The song "Dakishimete", featuring Dohzi-T, was released on 19 August as an online download on Recochoku's Chaku Uta.[4] The song debuted on the #5 place on the Chaku-Uta charts and the #2 place on the Recochoku chart. The album debuted at the #6 place on the Oricon chart.[5] The day after it rose to the #5 place. At the end of the first week, the album ended up on the #5 spot on the weekly chart selling about 30,000 copies making it Beni's highest ranked and best selling album to date. She went on a release club tour. The tour was named Bitter&Sweet RELEASE TOUR.[6] The tour was so successful that new tour dates were added.[7] Bitter & Sweet has been certified Gold by RIAJ for shipment of 100,000 copies.[8] On 28 December, it was announced that Bitter & Sweet sold over 100,000 copies.[9]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Lyrics Music Arranger(s) Length
1. "Bitter & Sweet: Intro"          
2. "Kiss Kiss Kiss"   Shoko Fujibayashi, Daisuke "D.I" Imai Imai Imai 4:19
3. "Zutto Futari de (ずっと二人で Always Together?)"   Beni, Masataka Yoshino Beni, Yoshino Imai,
Strings arranged by Ittetsu Gen
4. "Koi Kogarete (恋焦がれて I'm in Love with You?)"   Beni, Fujibayashi Imai Imai  
5. "Dakishimete feat. Dohzi-T (抱きしめて feat. 童子-T Hold Me?)"   Beni, Dohzi-T 3rd Productions   5:08
6. "Anything Goes!!"   Beni Imai Imai 03:43
7. "Stardust"   Fujibayashi Imai Imai 4:23
8. "Kira Kira (Kira☆Kira☆)"   Fujibayashi, Imai Imai Imai 4:10
9. "Go On"   Beni Shingo. S   4:06
10. "Shinjisasete (信じさせて Make Me Believe?)"   Beni 3rd Productions   4:38
11. "Nice & Slow"   Beni Imai Imai 4:30
12. "Stay"   Beni, Fujibayashi Imai Imai 4:40
13. "Beautiful World"   Beni Imai Imai 4:51
14. "Mō Nido to... (もう二度と・・・ Never Again...?)"   Beni, Dohzi-T Dohzi-T, Shingo. S   5:50
15. "Kiss Kiss Kiss (DJ Hasebe Remix)" (Bonus track) Fujibayashi, Imai Imai Imai, DJ Hasebe (remix) 5:09
DVD: Music videos
No. Title Director(s) Length
1. "Mō Nido to..."      
2. "Kiss Kiss Kiss"      
3. "Koi Kogarete"      
4. "Zutto Futari de"      
5. "Superstar"      
6. "The Boy is Mine feat. Tynisha Keli"      


Release Chart Peak Position First Week Sales Sales Total Chart Run
September 2, 2009 Oricon Daily Charts 1 13,000 1,300,000 130 weeks
Oricon Weekly Charts 1 130,000
Oricon Monthly Charts 1 1,295,400
Oricon Yearly Charts 1 1,300,000


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