Bitter Ending

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Bitter Ending
Studio album by The Swingle Singers
Released 1972
Length ~30 minutes
Label Epic 80544
The Swingle Singers chronology
The Joy of Singing
Bitter Ending
Swingle II chronology

Bitter Ending, is a recording of a work for eight voices composed by Andre Hodeir as commissioned by Ward Swingle. The work is performed by the Swingle Singers with a jazz quintet. This was the last work by Hodeir and is inspired by James Joyce's Finnegans Wake[1]


The Swingle Singers:

  • Christiane Legrand – soprano
  • Nicole Darde – soprano
  • Hélène Devos – alto
  • Claudine Meunier – alto
  • Ward Swingle – tenor, arranger
  • Joseph Noves – tenor
  • Jean Cussac – bass
  • José Germain – bass

References / external links[edit]

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  • Epic 80544