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Biyouna Cannes 2011.jpg
Background information
Born (1952-09-13) September 13, 1952 (age 62)
Origin Belcourt, Algiers, Algeria
Genres Pop, Pop rock, Raï
Occupation(s) Singer, actress, comedian
Instruments vocals
Goblet drum
Years active 1973–present
Labels Warner
Associated acts Cheb Khaled, Christophe (singer), Didier Wampas, Fadela Dziria, Isabelle Adjani, Julien Doré

Baya Bouzar (باية بوزار), known by the stagename Biyouna (Arabic: بيونة) is an Algerian singer, dancer, actress born on September 13, 1952 in Belcourt, Algiers, Algeria.[1]

Early life[edit]

Having a very early passion for singing, she was a member of several groups: first in Fadela Dziria's group where she played tambourine, another that she directed with her accomplice Flifla, and finally her own where she was the main vocalist and become sought after for wedding receptions.

At the age of 17, she began performing in some of the biggest cabarets in the city and at 19 started dancing at the 'Copacabana'.

Acting career[edit]

That same year, the director Mustapha Badie and the landmark makes it turn its first soap opera, where she sings the role of Fatma, La Grande Maison (1973), adapted from the novel by Mohamed Dib. The series will make famous.

For the Algerian film, it runs two films: Leila and the other Sis Ali Mazi in 1978,Neighbor Ghaouti Bendedouche in 2000 and has performed in one-woman show .Almost more Algerian, Biyouna is the icon of a city that has never stopped moving despite political violence and the compromises of the various powers which have succeeded. His exuberant character and attitude impede frank indeed in some circles... It could be an eccentric character of Almodóvar, or one of those muses troubling that one crosses in old movies Fassbinder.

In 1999, Nadir Moknèche offered him the role of Meriem in The Harem Madame Osmane she runs in France. This film will be followed by Viva Laldjéri in 2003.

Music career[edit]

Meanwhile, Biyouna continues a singing career and released in 2001 an album of songs Raid Zone, directed by the composer John Bagnolett. After the success of the album Raid Zone and her participation in the role of Fellag Casbah Opera to be staged by Jérôme Savary, Biyouna released a new album Blonde dans la Casbah. The idea for this album was in the air for a long time. Biyouna took her time, carefully selecting a directory Franco-algérien that draws in both cultures. Around it, we must mention Joseph Racaille responsible for the arrangements, Christophe Dupouy regular partner Jean-Louis Murat in charge of mixing, not to mention her two "guardian angels": her agent Olivier Guzman, and her husband who knew Mokhtar ensure grain.

She lives with her husband and four children in the suburbs of Algiers.

Delice Paloma[edit]

She plays in the latest film by Nadir Moknèche, Delice Paloma, where she plays an important role (a mafia replying on behalf of Madame Aldjeria) in 2006. She is preparing to repeat the role of Coryphée in Elektra Sophocles along with Jane Birkin in a staging by Philippe Calvario.



  • "Pamela" (2001)
  • "Les yeux noirs" (2002)
  • "In her eyes" (2002)
  • "Tu es ma vie" (2002)
  • "Maoudlik" (2003)
  • "Taali" (2006)
  • "Une Blonde Platine dans la Casbah " (2007)
  • "Demain tu te maries" (2007)
  • "Merci pour tout (c'que j'n'ai pas)" (2007)
  • "El Bareh" (2008)
  • "Tsaabli ouetmili" (2008)



Year Title Role Notes
1978 Leila et les autres
1979 Le Chat
1999 Le Harem de madame Osmane Meriem
2001 La voisine
2003 Viva Laldjérie Papicha
2004 Beur blanc rouge Mother of Wassila
2005 Rue des figuiers Fatima
2007 Delice Paloma Madame Aldjeria/Zineb Agha
2008 Garçon manqué Nana
2009 Aïcha Biyouna
2010 Il reste du jambon ? Houria
2010 Holiday Eva Lopez
2011 Aïcha 2 Biyouna
2011 The Source (2011 film) Le vieux fusil
2011 Beur sur la ville Khalid's mother
2011 Aïcha 3 Biyouna
2012 Aïcha 4 Biyouna
2013 Cheba Louisa
2013 Mohamed Dubois
2013 Les Reines du ring
2014 Amour sur place ou à emporter : le film !


Year Title Role Notes
1973 La Grande Maison Fatma
2003 Grand plongeoir, Le Herself
2003 Nass Mlah City 32 episodes
2004 Nass Mlah City 2 32 episodes
2006 Nass Mlah City 3 55 episodes
2007 La Commune Hanifa Houbeyche first season
2007 On n'est pas couché 1 episode
2009 Nessma TV (Zorroh) Zohra
2010 One person show Biyouna 30 episodes
2012 La Baie d'Alger


Year Title Role Notes
2009 La Celestina Célestine
2012 Biyouna ! Biyouna in Théâtre Marigny


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