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Bizagi BPM Suite
Bizagi BPM Suite logo.png
Developer(s) Bizagi
Written in Java and .NET Framework
Operating system Cross-platform
Available in English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Dutch, Italian, Chinese, Japanese
Type BPM Solution
License Process Modeler: Freeware, BPM Suite: Annual Subscription or Perpetual

Bizagi is a software suite with two complementary products, a process modeler and a BPM suite.

Bizagi Process Modeler is a Freeware application used to diagram, document and simulate processes using the Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) [1] standard notation.

Bizagi BPM Suite is a Business Process Management (BPM) and Workflow solution that enables organizations to automate processes/workflows. There is an entry-level edition (Xpress Edition[2]) and two corporate editions (Enterprise .NET and Enterprise JEE).

Bizagi Limited is a privately owned company established in 1989, and its name stands for business agility.


  • Bizagi Process Modeler

Bizagi BPMN Process Modeler is a freeware application to graphically diagram, document and simulate processes in a standard format known as Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN). Processes be exported to Word, PDF, Visio, the web or SharePoint [3] to be shared and communicated.

  • Bizagi BPM Suite

The Suite consists of two tools: Bizagi Studio, which is the construction module and Bizagi BPM Server for execution and control. In Bizagi Studio the user defines the model associated to the business process (flowchart, business rules, user interface, etc.) for process execution. Models are stored in a database and then used at runtime for process execution by Bizagi BPM Server. Bizagi BPM Server executes a Work Portal for end users that can be accessed through a PC or any mobile device.

Bizagi BPM Suite offers features such as: Graphic real-time tracking and monitoring, alarms and notifications, performance analysis and reporting, auditing, traceability and workload routing and balancing and mobility. Bizagi BPM Suite can also be integrated with CRM and ERP systems.


Bizagi can be used to automate complex processes. [4] It has made available a set of executable process templates that can be downloaded from the site. The templates include Help Desk Management, Six Sigma process management, Personal Loans request, Insurance Policy underwriting, Transactional process, among others.[5]

Since 2013, Bizagi introduced widgets for BPM professionals to design processes for the mobile workforce generation, accessible via smartphones and tablets.[6]

Recognitions and Awards[edit]

  • Positioned as a Strong Performer by Forrester Research, Inc., in the Forrester Wave™: BPM Suites, Q1 2013. [7]
  • Positioned by Gartner, Inc. in the Cool Vendor for BPMS report [8]
  • Positioned in the BPMS Magic Quadrant, an evaluation of the top 25 vendors offering multiregional, cross-industry BPMSs.[9] [10]
  • 2 Gold awards for Excellence in BPM & Workflow, 2013. [11]
  • Gold award for Excellence in BPM & Workflow in North America, 2012. [12]
  • 2 Gold awards for Best BPM Project in the Middle-East Africa and Pacific Rim regions.[13]
  • 2 Gold award for best BPM project in Europe [14] [15]
  • Gold award for Excellence in BPM & Workflow in South and Central America, 2012. [16]
  • Gold award for best BPM project in South and Central America [17]

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