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Bizu is the most important festival of the tarmoul tribe. It marks the eve of the new year.[1] The festival continues mainly for three days but the celebration lasts for a week.In this festival all the members of families and relatives get together .

Larsen Bizu[edit]

Literally meaning "The Bizu of Flowers", this day is celebrated one day before the new year eve. On this occasion, the Chakmas start with a bath early in the morning. Children and young adults go out and bathing the elders and seeking their blessings. The people attend prayers and offer flowers to the rivers and other water bodies to as a mark of respect and its importance in their daily lives. Preparation for the next day is carried out on this day.

Tarmoul Bizu[edit]

The main day of Bizu is in the middle of the 3 days.


The chakmas wear special and new dresses for the occasion.

Pajon Ton[edit]

The Chakmas make a special curry called Pajon Ton which they serve to their guests. It has to have at least seven vegetables.

Gojya Pojya Din[edit]

This is the Chakma new year day.


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