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Bjarne Hansen is a Danish art director, painter and colorist artist, he has been working by freelancing in illustration for magazines, commercials and books since graduating from the Art and Craft School in Kolding in 1991. He has also worked in pre-production on the TV shows Troll Tales, Benjamin Blümchen, among other TV specials.

Bjarne has been a background painter for A-Film on the features Quest For Camelot and JungleJack 1+2. He also worked on a small primary color-script for the cgi-feature Jungo Goes Bananas (Junglejack #3). He also worked as head of backgrounds on feature film Asterix and the Vikings.

He worked in the comics industry. He was the colorist for Superman for All Seasons, and was nominated for a Wizard Fan Award in 1998. He has written and drawn graphic novels, illustrated a story by Morten Remar, and has worked coloring DC Comics including House of Secrets, The Light Brigade and A God Somewhere.

Bjarne recently has worked as art director on Sylvain Chomet’s film The Illusionist, focusing on color-script and background-painting. The Illusionist was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature.


Comics work includes:


  • 1999: Nominated for "Best Colorist" Eisner Award, for Superman For All Seasons.[1]



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