Blåvand Lighthouse

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Blåvand Lighthouse
Blåvandshuk - Leuchtturm9.jpg
Blåvand Lighthouse, Esbjern
Location Blåvandshuk
Coordinates 55°33′28″N 8°05′00″E / 55.55782°N 8.08327°E / 55.55782; 8.08327Coordinates: 55°33′28″N 8°05′00″E / 55.55782°N 8.08327°E / 55.55782; 8.08327
Year first constructed 1900
Height 39 metres (128 ft)
Characteristic Flashing (3) white, 20s

Blåvand Lighthouse (Danish: Blåvand Fyr) is a seacoast lighthouse in Blåvandshuk near Esbjerg, Denmark. Built in 1900 to replace an older light, the lighthouse lies on Blåvandshuk, the westernmost point in Denmark, making Blåvand lighthouse the country's westernmost building.[1]

The lighthouse is 39 metres (128 ft) tall with a focal plane height (height of the light above sea level) of 55 metres (180 ft). The light can be seen up to 20 nautical miles (37 km; 23 mi) out at sea[1] and flashes three times every 20 seconds.[2] The lighthouse has a square floor plan constructed on a granite plinth with brick walls, which are whitewashed in modern day.[1] Access to the battlemented rooftop is by a winding staircase ascending through a small trapdoor.[3]


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