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Blæsedalen (Greenlandic: Itinneq Kangilleq) is a large glacial valley on Disko Island, Western Greenland. The north-south U-formed valley features include icing ridges and a braided river system;[1] Røde Elv (red river) has red sediment, which colours its water. The valley is situated north of Qeqertarsuaq and stretches northward approximately 30 kilometres (19 mi) to Kangerluk.[2] The valley is fed by outlet-glaciers from Lyngemarkens Iskappe.[3] Between Blæsedalen and Grønlænderhuse, there is evidence of Paleoinuit and Thule Culture habitation.[4]


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Coordinates: 69°21′N 53°30′W / 69.35°N 53.50°W / 69.35; -53.50