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Black-eyed Pea Restaurant
Industry Food
Founded 1975
Headquarters Houston, Texas, and Denver, Colorado
Products American Food & Spirits
Slogan Tastes Great to Me
Website Black-eyed Pea
The Black-eyed Pea outlet in Hillsboro, Texas, is located near Hill College.

Black-eyed Pea is a United States restaurant chain, with outlets primarily in Texas and Colorado.

Two corporate entities operate the restaurants.[1] The Texas restaurants are operated by Restaurants Acquisition I, L.L.C.[2][3] This company is headquartered in Upper Kirby, Houston.[4][5]

The Colorado restaurants are operated by RMR Colorado, LLC, headquartered in Greenwood Village, Colorado in Greater Denver.[6][7]


Black-eyed Pea was founded in 1975 by Dallas restaurateur Gene Street. The first location opened on Cedar Springs Road in Oak Lawn is still in operation. The chain eventually expanded across the American South.

In early 1997, DenAmerica purchased the Black-eyed Pea restaurant chain from Unigate plc, a British food manufacturer and distributor, for $65 million. At that time the chain consisted of 130 restaurants, about a quarter of which were franchises.

On November 12, 2001, DenAmerica, now operating as Phoenix Restaurant Group, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. This resulted in the closing of 48 Black-eyed Pea locations, reducing the chain to 44 locations (not including the Colorado locations, whose owners were in better financial shape).[8] In 2002, under new management, Black-eyed Pea was reformatted as a "country casual" chain by adding more appetizers and seafood offerings, along with more grilled items as well as an increased emphasis on its bar.[9]

Phoenix Restaurant Group Inc. was headquartered in Madison, Tennessee.[10]

As of July 12, 2007, Black-eyed Pea has a total of 50 locations, including 35 in Texas and 15 in Colorado. The Texas locations are largely located in the Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston metropolitan areas, while the vast majority of the Colorado restaurants are situated in the Denver area.

In December 2008, former corporate employees Stephen Shaw and Alan Laughlin along with Steve's brother Jim Shaw purchased all the rights to the Colorado locations of Black-eyed Pea. The three have begun changing menu items and pushing more advertising.


Black-eyed Pea's menu features home-style Southern U.S. cuisine such as fried catfish, chicken fried steak (including a "Texas Sized" version that takes up an entire plate), pot roast, mashed potatoes, fried okra, broccoli and rice casserole, corn bread, and rolls. Main entrees are usually ordered with a choice of two vegetables. The signature dish is the namesake of the chain, "black-eyed peas."

The restaurants also have full liquor service.

Dixie House[edit]

The Dixie House is located in the Lakewood area of east Dallas, Texas (USA). It serves a variety of Southern, home-cooked style foods, such as a signature chicken-fried steak.[11] The Dixie House was acquired by Black-Eye and the two restaurants now share many menu items. It retains a distinct, neighborhood-restaurant style. It received a mention in the 2008 Best Neighborhood Restaurant notices of D Magazine.[12]

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