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Black Beat
블랙 비트
Origin Seoul, South Korea
Genres K-pop
Years active 2002[1]–2007[2]
Labels SM Entertainment
Associated acts SMTown
Website Official Site
Members Hwang Sang Hoon
Lee So Min
Jung Ji Hoon
Shim Jae Won
Jang Jin Young
Past members Yoo Hyun Jae
Lee Kang In

Black Beat (블랙 비트) was South Korean boy band. Black Beat belonged to SM Entertainment. A few of their members have appeared elsewhere. But for the most part their public appearances (and subsequent popularity) have been limited. This can be attributed to a number of things: the waning popularity of poppy rap and the decreasing amount of SM Entertainment's PR power (which since 2004 has focused on a few core groups and singers).[citation needed] Their last appearance was the 2006 Winter SMTown. Their disbandment was confirmed in 2007 when lead vocalist, Jang Jin Young teamed up with Kim Sung Pil to form the R&B duo, ByJinSung.

One-Member Group[edit]

Black Beat used to be a one-member group when they debuted in 2000. They debuted as a seven-member group during Lee Ji Hun's Dream Concert 2000 as back-up vocalists and dancers. Before 2002, Black Beat members performed as rappers and dancers for other artists. They have all performed as dancers for S.E.S.' "Dreams Come True" performances.

Performing with other artists[edit]

After joining SM Entertainment, Black Beat has appeared in many music videos and performances for other artists, mainly S.E.S.. Other artists include BoA, H.O.T., Shinhwa, Fly to the Sky, Shinvi, Dana, and Lee Ji Hun as dancers, backup vocals, choreographers, and rappers. A video clip of member JaeWon dancing with Hyoyeon, a member of girl group Girls' Generation, has also garnered a lot of attention.[3]

Former Members[edit]

Hwang Sang Hoon[edit]

Hwang Sang Hoon (황상훈) was once a member for the Korean hip hop group, Honey Family, but left to join SM Entertainment. He has trained popular trot singer Sul Woon Do's son, Lee Seung Hyun, who has debuted in 2010 as LeeU of boy band F.Cuz under Can&J Entertainment. Sang Hoon remains with SM Entertainment as a choreographer, often seen in videos and pictures with current SM artists.

Lee So Min[edit]

Lee So Min (이소민) used to be a backup dancer for Seo Tai Ji and Boys. Lee So Min rapped for many of S.E.S.' songs, most notably "I Love You". He is the leader of the group.

Jung Ji Hoon[edit]

Jung Ji Hoon (정지훈) rapped in S.E.S.' "Sha La La" along with fellow member Jang Jin Young. He is the choreographer and high tone vocalist in the group.

Shim Jae Won[edit]

Shim Jae Won (심재원) used to be a member of the group, Eagle-5, which shortly disbanded after their second album. He appeared in H.O.T's video for We Are the Future. He was the "manager," lead rapper, and choreographer of the group. He also remains with SM Entertainment, but not as an artist; instead, he takes part behind the scenes such as choreographing "Into the New World" for Girls' Generation and directing the music video for "Wonder Boy" by Super Junior.

In 2010 he was assisted by Rino Nakasone in choreographing boy band SHINee's comeback track, "Lucifer."[4]

Jang Jin Young[edit]

Jang Jin Young (장진영) rapped in S.E.S.' "Sha La La" along with fellow member Jung Ji Hoon. He is the lead vocalist and youngest member of the group. He has acted as vocal coach to other SM Entertainment idol groups such as Shinee, EXO, Boyfriend and LEDApple. [5]

Towards the beginning of 2007, Jin Young formed a rather controversial relationship with future model Shin Ji-young. He is now active in the R&B duo, ByJinSung.

In 2012, Young was SM's representative vocal coach for the South Korean reality show K-pop Star along with Choi Won-Seok for YG Entertainment and Song Yumi for JYP Entertainment.[6] In the same year, he also formed a new group called Question with Kim Do Hun and Kim Sung Pil.[5]

Yoo Hyun Jae[edit]

Yoo Hyun Jae used to be the leader of the group. Hyun Jae is currently under JYP Entertainment.

Lee Kang In[edit]

Lee Kang In was a vocalist in the group. Kang In joined Black Beat since December 2002. Afterwards, Starlight Casting System put him under 203 Entertainment. Kang In joined another group, O.N. under 203 Entertainment. O.N. is an underground band.

Appearances in music videos[edit]

All seven members (dancers)

  • Shinhwa's "All Your Dreams"

Yoo Hyun Jae, Jung Ji Hun, Hwang Sang Hun, and Shim Jae Won (dancers)

  • BoA's "ID Peace B"
  • BoA's "Sara"

Yoo Hyun Jae (dancer) and Shim Jae Won (rapper)

  • S.E.S.' "Twilight Zone"

Yoo Hyun Jae (dancer)

  • S.E.S.' "Noreul Saranghae"

Shim Jae Won (as a thief; dancer)

  • H.O.T.'s "We Are the Future"
  • TVXQ's "Why (Keep Your Head Down)"
  • TVXQ's "I Don't Know"
  • TVXQ's "Superstar"
  • BoA's "Only One"

Jang Jin Young (as the younger Jun Jin)

  • Shinhwa's "Wedding March"


  • Volume 1 - Black Beat #2002 - The First Performance #001 (November 3, 2002)
  1. Intro (Can't You Feel)
  2. The Fan
  3. 날개 (Wing)
  4. Lover
  5. In The Sky
  6. purple Beat
  7. not Dangerous
  8. 회상
  9. Y (Tell Me Why)
  10. 헤어지기전
  11. Shine
  12. Night Fever
  13. 친구 (Friend)
  14. In The Sky (Radio Edited) (Bonus Track

Joint discography[edit]


Year Award-Giving Body Category Work Result
2002 Mnet Asian Music Awards Best New Group[7] "In The Sky" Won


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