Black Death (American band)

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Black Death
Black Death (US) - Black Death (1984).jpg
Background information
Origin Cleveland, Ohio
Genres Heavy metal, power metal
Years active 1977-present
Past members Henry Marshall
Reginal Gamble ("Siki Spacek")
Darrel Harris
Phil Bullard
Ed Goodman
Clayborn Pinkins

Black Death is an American band from Cleveland, Ohio, who have been noted as the "first all-African-American heavy metal band."[1] The group were also mentioned in Ian Christe's book Sound of the Beast: The Complete Headbanging History of Heavy Metal.,[2] and mentioned Rock 'n' roll and the Cleveland connection by Deanna R. Adams as "one of the only, if not the only, all-black metal bands in the country" in 1987.[3][4]

[5] Black Death was a nameless band in 1977 consisting of Greg Hicks, Phil Bullard, and Clayborn Pinkins. In 1978 they recruited Henry Marshall on lead guitar and lead vocals. The name Black Death was coined by Hicks, Bullard, and Pinkins in 1979 taken from Richard Pryor who had a comedy skit featuring a band called Black Death that killed their audience while performing. That year, Pinkins was shot and killed. Soon after, Ed Goodan took over on bass, only to be replaced a year later by Darrel Harris.

The first recording was of one song called "Outcast" in 1980, which aired on Bob "Surge" Surgent's local college radio show. The response from that song generated interest from Bob Surgent to put the band in the studio. The second recording was in 1981 at Angel Studios and to date has never been released. The third was a demo recorded at Suma studios in 1982. Two songs were featured on "Cleveland Metal Compilation". The fourth recording was Black Death's debut LP, released by Auburn Records[6] in Cleveland,[7] with only 2,000 copies printed.

In 2008, original Black Death drummer Phil Bullard died from cancer.



  • Cleveland Metal (1983 compilation)[9]
    • 1. Taken by Force
    • 2. Until We Rock
  • Black Death (1984)[1]
    • 1. Night of the Living Death
    • 2. The Hunger
    • 3. When Tears Run Red (From Love Lost Yesterday)
    • 4. Fear No Evil
    • 5. The Scream of the Iron Messiah
    • 6. Streetwalker
    • 7. Black Death


Current Lineup 2013[edit]

  • Greg Hicks - Bass/Vocals
  • Ken Phillips - Guitars
  • Dennis Fuldauer - Drums


  • Siki Spacek - vocals, guitar
  • Phil Bullard - drums
  • Clayborn Pinkins - bass
  • Darrell Harris - bass
  • Ed Goodman - bass



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