Black Debbath

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Black Debbath
Origin Oslo, Norway
Genres (Comedy rock)
Heavy metal, Hard rock, Doom metal, Stoner rock, Blues rock
Years active 1998–present
Labels Duplex Records
Members Egil Hegerberg
Lars Lønning
Aslag Guttormsgaard
Ole Petter Andreassen

The hard rock/metal band Black Debbath is a Norwegian band created by four of the core members of Duplex Records. They often make a political statement, calling their genre "Heavy Politically Incorrect Humor Rock".


Session Members[edit]

  • Per Berdtrand Aanonsen, drums (1999). Played drums on most of the first album.


Studio Albums[edit]


  • Problemer Innad I Høyre (1999)
  • Mongo Norway (A Guide To Nightlife In Oslo) (2001)
  • Martin Schanke (2001)
  • Den femte statsmakt (2004)
  • Motörhedda Gabler (2006)
  • Striden om Ibsens Møblement (2006)

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