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Black dog may refer to:

  • Black Dog, a fictional pirate in the 1880s adventure novel Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson
  • "Black Dog" (song), a 1971 song from the Led Zeppelin album Led Zeppelin IV
  • Black Dog (film), a 1998 film
  • The Black Dog, alias Black Dog Productions, a British electronic music band established 1989
  • Black Dogs, a 1992 novel by Ian McEwan
  • Black Dog, a 2000 crime novel by Stephen Booth
  • "Black Dog", a 2002 episode of That 70's Show
  • "Black Dog", a 1997 song from the Poster Children album RTFM
  • Black Dog, the 2013 Greenaway Medal-winning picture book by Levi Pinfold

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