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A Red Eye is a fortified coffee drink in which espresso is combined with normal, Drip Brew coffee.[1]

The Red Eye was named for the extra boost needed to stay awake through an overnight, Red Eye flight from the West Coast to the East Coast.

Drip Brew coffee, to which espresso is added, may be called a Red Eye (1), Black Eye (2), or a Dead Eye (3), depending on the number of espresso shots added.[2] A weaker variant of the drink is the Lazy Eye, which consists of a single shot of espresso added to a cup of decaffeinated coffee.

Alternative Names[edit]

The Red Eye has many monikers, depending on the geographic region:

  • In the Upper Midwest, this drink is ubiquitously referred to as a Depth Charge. This term is actually a federally registered trademark of the Minnesota company, Caribou Coffee, which has led to some legal issues with other coffee shops using the term on their menus or in advertising. [3]
  • In New England, a single shot of espresso added to a cup of coffee is referred to as a Canadiano. It is considered a variation and a succession of the drink, the Americano.
  • In the San Francisco Bay Area, it is often known as a Sledgehammer or a Hammerhead.
  • In Alaska, it is known as a Sludge Cup, possibly in reference to the state's large petroleum industry.
  • In the Pacific Northwest, a single and double shot is known as a Shot in the Dark and a Double Shot in the Dark respectively.[4]
  • At the coffehouse chain Dunkin' Donuts, the drink is known as a Turbo, and is available either hot or iced.[5]
  • In some regions, including the Mid-Atlantic, three shots of espresso added to a cup of coffee is called an Al Pacino due to his enjoyment of coffee drinks and his participation in a Vittoria Coffee commercial in 2010.
  • In Baden-Württemberg, Germany, a shot of espresso added to a cup of coffee is called a Sell-Le Blanc Normal.
  • US Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan refer to the drink as a MOAC (Mother Of All Coffee) in a play on the name of the GBU-43/B (Massive Ordinance Air Blast bomb) MOAB, colloquially referred to as the Mother Of All Bombs.
  • At the fast-food restaurant chain, Sonic Drive-Ins, the drink is known as a Sonic Boom. It is composed of a shot of espresso added to either a shake or coffee.
  • At the coffeeshop, LEONI Coffee, in Paramount, California, the name given to an espresso shot added to a cup of coffee is a very particular one. It is called a Lion Roar, since it is impossible for anyone to fall asleep at the roar of a lion.

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