Black Hills National Cemetery

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Black Hills National Cemetery

Black Hills National Cemetery is a United States National Cemetery located south of the city of Sturgis in Meade County, South Dakota. It encompasses 105.9 acres (42.9 ha), and as of the end of 2005, had 19,147 interments. It is administered by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, which also administers South Dakota's Fort Meade National Cemetery.


The area around the Black Hills Cemetery was originally inhabited by the Lakota Indians. French explorers went through the region in the 1740s, and Spain laid claim to the area in 1762 until it was acquired by the United States in the Louisiana Purchase of 1803. Fort Randall was established in 1856, and the 1861 establishment of Dakota Territory brought more settlers to the region, but it wasn't until gold was discovered in the Black Hills that the area was truly populated. Under the Treaty of Fort Laramie, the United States granted the land of the Black Hills to the Lakota, but there was no stopping the settlers from entering the region, which led to several conflicts. Most of the original interments in the cemetery were soldiers who fell in battles of the Indian Wars, but it has since been used to inter veterans from every major campaign the United States has been involved in.

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