Black Mass Hysteria

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Black Mass Hysteria
Studio album by Knives Out!
Released February 14, 2012
Recorded Wrightway Studios
Baltimore, Maryland
Genre Alternative metal, groove metal, avant-garde metal
Length 36:33
Label Razor to Wrist Records [1]
Producer Steve Wright & Knives Out!
Knives Out! chronology
Rough Cuts EP
Black Mass Hysteria

Black Mass Hysteria is the debut album by Baltimore heavy metal band Knives Out!. It is the first album released on the band's label Razor to Wrist Records and is only available for purchase through digital release or mail order.[2]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Hide In The Sky"   3:34
2. "Hysteria"   4:16
3. "Surrounded By Demons"   4:06
4. "Blood Everywhere"   3:32
5. "Eat Your Heart Out"   4:57
6. "Pink On The Inside"   3:56
7. "Swollen Mistress"   4:19
8. "Robot Babylon"   3:41
9. "The First Time I Discovered A Dead Body"   4:14
Total length:


Additional Personnel[edit]