Black Prince, Bexley

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Black Prince
Black Prince Bexley.jpg
Front view of the current premises
Black Prince, Bexley is located in Greater London
Black Prince, Bexley
Location within London
General information
Type Public house
Location London Borough of Bexley, England
Coordinates 51°26′47″N 0°9′16″E / 51.44639°N 0.15444°E / 51.44639; 0.15444Coordinates: 51°26′47″N 0°9′16″E / 51.44639°N 0.15444°E / 51.44639; 0.15444

The Black Prince is a hotel, former public house, and road junction in the London Borough of Bexley on the A2 between Bexley and Bexleyheath. The building today is a Holiday Inn. On contemporary traffic reports, the junction is known as the Black Prince Interchange.

The pub was constructed in a mock-Edwardian style[1] and is named after Edward, the Black Prince, that allegedly haunts the nearby Hall Place, who stayed at the hall en route to wars with France.[2][3] Edward Heath stayed at the hotel as part of his campaign to become MP for Bexley in the 1950 general election.[4]

In the 1960s and 70s, the pub was a popular live music venue,[5] and featured appearances from Little Walter,[6] the Graham Bond Organisation,[7] Cream[8] and Genesis.[9] It is alleged that Eric Clapton played his last ever gig with John Mayall's Bluesbreakers at the venue in 1966.[10] The hotel has hosted the annual Kent International Piano and Keyboard Fair since 2001.[11]


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