Black Sheep (rock band)

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This article is about the 1970s American band. For other bands with similar names, see Black sheep (disambiguation).
Black Sheep
Associated acts Foreigner, Poor Heart, Shadow King
Past members Gramm
Donald Mancuso
Larry Crozier
Bruce Turgon
Ron Rocco
Patsy Sciortino
Mike Bonafede

Black Sheep, a Rochester, New York-based 1970s United States rock music band, was one of vocalist Lou Gramm's early working bands (it followed Poor Heart, which broke up c. 1970). The group, which had released the single Stick Around in 1974, the album Black Sheep in 1975, and the album Encouraging Words in 1976, was no longer performing when Gramm was invited by Mick Jones to join the band Foreigner.

Black Sheep's bass player, Bruce Turgon played on Lou Gramm's solo albums in the late 1980s (which also featured contributions from another Black Sheep alumnus, guitarist Don Mancuso) and joined Gramm in one of Foreigner's later incarnations, in 1992. Gramm continues to tour, fronting the Lou Gramm Band, whose lineup for 2004-2006 included former Black Sheep guitarist Don Mancuso (guitar/bass), along with Ben Gramm (drums), Richard Gramm (guitar), and Andy Knoll (keyboards).


The lineup for Black Sheep's self-titled Capitol Records album in 1975 included Gramm (then known by his full name, Louis Grammatico) (vocals), Donald Mancuso (guitar), Larry Crozier (keyboard), Bruce Turgon (bass), and Ron Rocco (drums); and should not be confused with the hip-hop group of the same name. The album had an Identification Number of Capitol ST-11369.


  • 1.1. Payin' Yer Dues
  • 1.2. Broken Promises
  • 1.3. Woman Back Home
  • 1.4. Piano Interlude
  • 1.5. Let Me Stay
  • 2.1. Power To Heal
  • 2.2. Far Side Of The Sun
  • 2.3. A Little Or A Lot
  • 2.4. Freight Train
  • 2.5. Woman

Their second album, Encouraging Words, was released later that year. The line-up consisted of a new drummer, Mike Bonafede replacing Ron Rocco. The album had an Identification Number of Capitol ST-11447.


  • 1.1 Halfway Home (4:19)
  • 1.2 Encouraging Words (5:27)
  • 1.3 To Whom It May Concern (3:51)
  • 1.4 No Worry, No Pain (4:11)
  • 1.5 When It All Makes Sense (4:24)
  • 2.1 The Change (5:13)
  • 2.2 All I Am (3:35)
  • 2.3 Shauna (3:44)
  • 2.4 Chain On Me (4:21)