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Black Tokyo (BT) was created in January 1999 to provide a voice and a network for Blacks living in Japan as well as to provide news on Japan and address inaccurate or false information, stereotypes and other issues concerning Blacks in Japan. As stated:

This site does not seek to bash Japan or its inhabitants. BT's main purpose is to provide the reader with information and encourage discussion on Japan.

Eric L. Robinson (known as 'Zurui' on the site) is the current webmaster of Black Tokyo, who took over from Craig Nine, the site creator.

The site has been referenced in online magazines, such as The Huffington Post,[1] and France24;[2] this was for comments in regards to a Japanese advertisement deemed racist for portraying then United States President-elect Barack Obama as a monkey.

Black Tokyo was also featured in an article for The Japan Times.[3]


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