Black Violin

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Black Violin
Black Violin Live in Dubai 07'.JPG
Black Violin Live in Dubai in 2007
Background information
Origin Florida, United States
Genres Jazz, Hip hop, Funk, Classical, Modern classical, Fusion
Years active 2004 – present
Labels Dknex Music; Di Versatile, Inc
Associated acts Fort Minor
Fat Joe
Wu-Tang Clan
Members Wil B
Kev Marcus
Notable instruments
Violin, Viola

Black Violin is an American hip hop duo from Florida composed of two classically-trained string instrumentalists, Kev Marcus and Wil B.

Kev Marcus plays the violin and Wil B. plays the viola. They met in high school, went to different colleges, then became a team to create the musical group Black Violin. The duo plays a variety of music, relying heavily upon classical music; but they are often categorized as hip hop because of the changes to the rhythm and beats. The changes caused the music to become distinctively their own.

Early years[edit]

Wil B and Kev Marcus had different lives as children. Each youth was introduced to their instruments against their choice. Both eventually accepted and mastered their instruments. They met in high school. Both members attended Dillard High School of Performing Arts. They learned from their teacher that they could earn scholarships to attend college. The scholarship would allow them to attend college free.

Wil B[edit]

Wil B is the stage name of Wilner Baptiste. He did not intend to study the viola. He wanted to study the saxophone. A mistake happened that changed his life. He was put by mistake into a viola class. He accepted something he did not want, and his decision to adapt to his circumstances changed his life. According to a 2012 interview, Wil B stated, "I stuck with the viola and it opened a lot of doors for me." His goal as a performer is for people to attend the concerts, then return home "to be better people." [1]

Kev Marcus[edit]

Kev Marcus is the stage name of Kevin Sylvester. In a 2012 interview, Kev Marcus stated, "I didn't want to be the violinist in my neighborhood." When he was in the fifth grade "I got into a little trouble...and my mom said she needed me to get into something, so she took me to Saturday morning violin class." He stated that his goal for his audience was to think about "...what they would do differently in their lives. We want to make sure they are not just playing the violin or playing other instruments, but we also want to make sure they are thinking about what they can do differently in their lives. So whether they want to be scientists or lawyers or hockey stars or anything -- whatever they want to do -- just make sure they go about doing it different than anybody else."[2]

Adult years[edit]

After high school, Kev Marcus attended Florida International University and Wil B enrolled at Florida State University. At FIU, Kev met their manager Sam G; and the three of them co-founded the production company DKNEX, which stands for Di-Versatile Music. The group name "Black Violin" is derived from the influence of a famous jazz violinist, Stuff Smith. Six months before Smith's death, he recorded a solo album entitled Black Violin. The duo decided to name their group after the music of the most inspiring violinist they had ever heard.

Black Violin clinched the Showtime at the Apollo 2005 Legend title. Black Violin's notoriety has risen with their performance accompanying Alicia Keys at the 2004 Billboard Awards, and by performing on the same bill with some of the industry's biggest artists. The two men are also avid producers and writers. Most recently, they made a star appearance on "Angelina Ballerina," on the Public Broadcasting (PBS) network.

Black Violin returned to Florida to play a concert in 2011.



  • BV Mixtape Series: Unleashed II - (2009)
  • BV Mixtape Series: Unleashed - (2006)


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