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The Black Watch was a financial disaster for Sinclair Radionics[1]
The Black Watch has no mechanical buttons[1]

The Black Watch is an electronic wristwatch launched in September 1975 by Sinclair Radionics. It cost £24.95 ready-built, but was also available for £17.95, as a kit.[2]


The Black Watch is equipped with a red LED display, which is illuminated only when the watchcase's surface is pressed; two resilient spots display hours and minutes or minutes and seconds, respectively.

The product was beset by technical problems including low battery life, variable accuracy and a very sensitive integrated circuit which could be rendered useless by a static shock from a nylon shirt. In spite of this, Sinclair's advertising still claimed:

If that sounds technical, think of the outcome: a watch with no moving parts, a watch with nothing to go wrong, a watch which gives accuracy never achievable by the most precise mechanical engineering.[3]


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