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Black moon is a reference to one of four astronomical events involving new or dark moons:

Definition Notes
1. The second occurrence of a new moon in a calendar month.[1][2][3][4][5] Cannot occur in February. Analogous to the common calendrical definition of a blue moon for months with two full moons.
2. The third new moon in a season that has four of them. Analogous to the Farmers' Almanac definition of a blue moon for seasons with four full moons.
3. The absence of a full moon in a calendar month.[1][6] Can only occur in February, thus January and March will each have a second full moon (a calendrical blue moon).
4. The absence of a new moon in a calendar month.[6] Can only occur in February, thus January and March will each have a second new moon. As shown in 2014.

Black moon dates[edit]

  • Black moon dates for 2014: A new moon on both Jan 1st, 2014 and Jan 30th, 2014 means the new moon of Jan 30th was considered a black moon. The same is true in March, a new moon on both the 1st and 30th means the second new moon is considered a black moon.[7]


In some aspects of Paganism, particularly amongst Wiccans, the black moon is considered to be a special time when any rituals, spells, or other workings are considered to be more powerful and effective.[5][8] Not all aspects hold to this belief and only consider it a normal occurrence of the dark moon. Others do not believe any rituals or workings should be conducted at these times.[9]

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