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Black triangle may refer to one of the following:

  • Black triangle (badge), a Nazi concentration camp badge worn by inmates deemed "asocial"
  • Black triangle (pharmacology), suffixed to the trade name of a British medicine indicates the drug (or its mode of use) is new
  • Black Triangle (region), the nickname for one of Europe's most polluted areas, where Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic meet
  • Black triangle (UFO), a type of UFO sighting
  • Black triangle symbol of lesbian or feminist pride and solidarity
  • Black triangle, in Unicode Geometric Shapes (e.g.: ▼ ◀ ◣) special code for printing a variety of shapes including various black triangles
  • The nickname given to the triangular area south of Montreal worst affected by a long term blackout during the North American ice storm of 1998
  • The first-edition series of audio CDs released by Toshiba-EMI, noted for their sound fidelity and referred to as "black triangle" editions after the design featured on the CD silkscreen.[1]