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Blackcube headlining The Hammersmith Palais with The Paddingtons as supporting band-2004
Background information
Origin England
Genres Hard rock, Garage Punk Rock
Years active 2003-2004
Labels Genepool/Cargo/EMI Publishing,
Associated acts The Libertines, Palo Alto, Babyshambles, Towers of London, The Ceasers, The Paddingtons
Members Antonio Angelo Coletta
Kye Blakket
Peter Blake
Chris Merten
Craig Rushton

Blackcube was a rock band that enjoyed success in 2003 in London after signing a record deal with Genepool/Cargo (Genepool was a Universal Music Group spin-off label). Blackpool also recorded music for EMI Publishing in EMI Studios London. Chrysalis Publishing/Music, a major label at the time, was also said to be seeking the band's signature, led by Chrysalis' Managing Director Alison McDonald. Only in rare instances do heads of recording labels chase a new band for a deal, but Chrysalis Publishing/Music was eager to market this band as the next Guns N' Roses. Blackcube rejected the Chrysalis offer in favor of Genepool/Cargo's, amidst even more potential offers from labels such as EMI, Warner, and Polydor.

Blackcube stood out among other London bands at the time. As part of the "new music scene," Blackcube influenced The Towers Of London and others. Blackcube played alongside "The Libertines" "The Paddingtons" "Towers of London" (then "The Lost Boys") around London and at the famous Whitechapel "Doherty scene" nightclub, The Rhythm Factory. Blackcube became a hot property overnight and were almost certainly destined for bigger and better things.[1] and were showcasing for Terri Hall of Hall or Nothing PR and Scott Thomas of ITB – International Talent Booking, whom they absolutely blew away at a private studio in the West End. Blackcube's raw and energetic sound quickly caught on with a fanbase after some very successful gigs around London.

Band members included Antonio Angelo Coletta (songwriter–backing vocals–bass guitar) Peter Blake (songwriter-guitarist)(also of My21Grams & Kill21) Craig Rushton (lead guitar–songwriter) (also of My21Grams & Kill21) Kye Blacket (songwriter-singer)(also of My21Grams & Easy Kill) Chris Mehrtens (drummer). They were managed and produced by Paul Robinson and John Catto (The Diodes) a lead singer and guitarist in a revolutionary punk band during the 1970s and 1980s.

Blackcube had airplay on XFM and was being plugged by Zoë Ball almost daily at the time. Their first single, "Breve",[2] sold out of copies on the first day of its release. Antonio Coletta befriended Patrick Brannon (Donny Tourette - The Towers Of London) who was around the same venues at the time, and organised a gig at LSE University London, where the bands first played together. Stories circulated of the two bands meeting up and intoxicating themselves around the bars of London before during and after gigs. The two bands became close, and would gig together regularly. Trouble after gigs would sometimes involve the police having to be called and the young promising rock icons would be locked up for the night. Antonio also became friendly with Pete Doherty (The Libertines) after meeting him at a gig in London. The two were planning gigs together at venues for "New Live Music British Bands" to show the world how good the British music scene was becoming just before Pete Doherty split from The Libertines and became Babyshambles. The Left Hand who were also a band around at that time offered Antonio a place in their band just before Blackcube split as a bass player on a tour with Carbon/Silicon (Mick Jones-The Clash) new band. Johnny Borrell (Razorlight) was also rubbing shoulders with Antonio around the music scene in the early days of Blackcubes clime to success. Chris Merhtens (drummer of Blackcube) played with The Left hand supporting The Libertines at a gig at Brixton Academy, to which The Left Hand were signed to Alan Mgees Label.

Blackcube lasted about one year on the music scene, due to the band's wild and drunken behavior that resulted in the bust up of the band in 2004 after a gig headlining The Hammersmith Palais with The Paddingtons as supporting act. A fistfight between the drummer and the lead singer proved fatal to the band's stability, though post fight, it was said to be their best gig ever.


Logo Magazine

'While the leather-jacketed hordes search for ever more inventive ways of rehashing the glories of the past, Its easy to forget where the music came from in the first place: the heart. The difference comes when you hear this band, they're as different from the rest of the pack as, say, The Stooges were from The MC5 so why am I about to praise them to the skies? For the same reason The Stooges and The MC5 are worshipped today: because they understood that it ain't what you do it's the way that you do it. Blackcube do it with spirit, and sometimes that's all you need in this game.' Cliff Roberts Logo Magazine London.

Recent event[edit]

Antonio has written a book based on the story of the band, and his life before and since. Blood Sweat And Rock N Roll will be published in Autumn 2011.