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Blackett or Blacket is a surname of English derivation.

Blackett is an English surname that originated in England and is found throughout the English speaking world. The name is a corruption of Black Head, and in early times had various spellings as Blakehed, Blackheved, Blackved and Blackett. Later spelling, particularly in parish registers, were generally based on the sound and intuition of the bearer, and for that reason spelling variations are to be found with Blackett sometimes spelled Blacket or even Blackitt.


The surname is especially concentrated in England in the counties of Durham and Northumberland in the North of England. Blackett and Blacket is also found in Canada, Australia and New Zealand, Barbados and the United States of America.

Origins and history[edit]

The origins of the Blackett family can be traced back to the County of Durham in the North East of England, where almost all early instances occur. The most predominant line appears to stem from Woodcroft in County Durham and representatives were to be found in surrounding parishes of Hamsterley, Stanhope, Witton and Brancepeth.


The arms of Thomas Blacket (1525–1603) are

  • COAT OF ARMS “Argent, on a chevron between three mullets sable, as many escallops of the field”
  • CREST: “A hawk’s head erased proper”
  • MOTTO: “Nous travaillerons en esperance”


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