Blackford High School (Indiana)

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Blackford High School
Motto Nulli Secundus
(Second to None)
Established 1969
Type Public high school
Principal Dr. Sue Neat
Students 741 (2006-07 school year)
Location Hartford City, Indiana, USA
Coordinates 40°29′06″N 85°22′17″W / 40.48500°N 85.37139°W / 40.48500; -85.37139Coordinates: 40°29′06″N 85°22′17″W / 40.48500°N 85.37139°W / 40.48500; -85.37139
Mascot Bruins
Newspaper The mercury news
Website Blackford High School

Blackford High School is a public high school in Hartford City, Indiana, which includes grades 9 through 12. It is part of the Blackford County School District, and is the sole public high school serving all of Blackford County. Like the county, Blackford High School is named after Isaac Blackford.


Blackford High School opened in the fall of 1969,[1] replacing the former Hartford City High School and Montpelier High School.

Interesting facts[edit]

Blackford High School's team colors are red, white, and black. These colors were selected from the high schools that used to exist in the county. Red came from the Roll Red Rollers. White came from the Montpelier Spartans. Black came from the Hartford City Airedales.

Blackford High School was built atop a civil defense shelter—known by students and staff as "the tunnel." The shelter has an entrance from one of the main first-floor corridors. While the use of this shelter in case of nuclear attack is no longer a major consideration, it is still used for tornado drills. It was also formerly used as storage space, including use by the drama department for storing sets and props, resulting in the nickname "tunnel rats" being applied to members of the drama club. That use, however, has been discontinued due to fire safety concerns.


The school football team was state 2A runnerup in the 1973-1974 season, and state 2A champion in the 1974-1975 season. The 1974-1975 team, coached by Eldon Leeth, was undefeated. A second state football championship was achieved in 1979. The school baseball team twice finished second in the state championship tournament during the 1970s.[2]

Notable alumni[edit]

External links[edit]

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