Blackfriars Bridge railway station

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Blackfriars Bridge
Blackfriars Goods Slope.jpg
Sloped approach road to the site of the closed Blackfriars Bridge station
Place Blackfriars
Opened by London, Chatham and Dover Railway
Key dates Opened 1 June 1864
Closed 1885 (passengers)
3 February 1964 (goods)
Replaced by St. Paul's
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The closer pillars show where the original 1864 Blackfriars Railway Bridge stood; the bridge to the rear is the newer bridge. The platforms in the picture belong to Blackfriars station which juts out across the River Thames; they have been replaced since this photograph was taken in 2006.

Blackfriars Bridge railway station was on the London, Chatham and Dover Railway (LC&DR); the station was opened in June 1864 and, for its first six months, was the northern terminus of a line from Herne Hill via Loughborough Junction. It was part of a scheme by the LC&DR to extend into the City of London financial district.[1] It ceased to be the terminus when the line was extended across the River Thames to Ludgate Hill where a temporary station in New Bridge Street was opened on 21 December 1864.[2]

The station was situated on the southern bank of the Thames, directly opposite St. Paul's station (now called Blackfriars station); it was connected to the north bank by the Blackfriars Railway Bridge. Until the mid-20th century trains along the line used the original 1864 bridge built by the LC&DR, but it was not considered strong enough for modern trains, and it was partially dismantled in 1984; trains now use the neighbouring newer bridge. Of the older bridge just the abutments remain, leaving an odd appearance in the river.[3]

In 1885, with the opening of St. Paul's station it was deemed no longer necessary for passenger requirements at Blackfriars Bridge, and so it remained open solely as a goods station. It remained in this capacity until 1964, outlasting several other stations on the line such as Camberwell which was closed in 1916.[4] Blackfriars Bridge station was largely demolished in August 1968.[2] Today, offices stand on the site of the goods yard, although a few remnants of the station still remain.

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