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Blackhole Cover.jpg
Developer(s) FiolaSoft Studio
Publisher(s) FiolaSoft Studio
Producer(s) Filip Kraucher[1]
Designer(s) Vojta Stránský
Programmer(s) Vojta Stránský
Artist(s) Radek Jakl
Writer(s) Filip Kraucher
Composer(s) Jakub Miřejovský
Jan Ševčík
David Kopecký
Engine Game Maker
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
Release date(s)
  • 27 February 2015[2]
Genre(s) Platform game
Mode(s) Single-player

Blackhole is an indie platform video game by FiolaSoft Studio. Developers worked with popular let‘s players and YouTubers on the script for the story and for building the characters.[3]


Developers originally intended to make a remake of PacIn: Revenge of Nermesssis, FiolaSoft Studio's previous title. Unlike the original game the remake was intended to be released on Steam and in English. Due to technical problems the game was cancelled and FiolaSoft started to work on a new project. One of team members Vojta Stránský previously worked on an platformer game but made only a prototype. The prototype interested other members of FiolaSoft so they started to work on it and named it Blackhole. Blackhole was announced in March 2014 at Game expo 2014 in Bratislava. Developers also started a Steam Greenlight campign and in May 2014 the game was Greenlit.[3][4][5]

The Game was originally scheduled for September 2014 but was delayed for 20 December. The release was later delayed once again for 20 January and then for 20 February. The game was released o 27 February in the end.[6]


The game is set in 2121. Earth is threatened by Black holes. The story follows a group of astronauts whose job is to neutralise these black holes to protect their home planet. Their effort is successful until their ship is swallowed by one of a massive black hole. Player takes control of ship‘s coffee-maker assistant who is accompanied with the ship’s artificial intelligence loaded into a PDA. Now he has to collect nanobots called Selfburns to repair the ship.[3][7][8]


  • Coffee-maker assistant - The Silent protagonist of Blackhole. Player controls him as he saves the rest of Crew from dangers.
  • Auriel - (voiced by Kira Buckland) Ship‘s AI that is loaded into protagonist‘s PDA. It accompanies Player and gives him advice.
  • Professor Himmel- (voiced by Devon Talbott) The scientist overseeing the mission and creator of Auriel. He begins to realize that he may have built better than he knew.
  • Selassie - (voiced by Blake Swift) The first Crew member saved by Player. He is based on a Slovak Youtuber Matej Slazanský known as Selassie.
  • Ati - (voiced by Mark Whitten) Another Crew member saved by Player. He has EMP Gloves. He is based on Martin Malý, a Czech Youtuber known as Ati.
  • Skelet - (voiced by Anthony Sardinhaa) rude pilot of the Ship. He is based on a youtuber Martin Rota, a Czech Youtuber known as NaprostoRetardovaný.
  • Smusa - (voiced by Edwin Tiong) Another Crew Member. He is based on a Youtuber Šimon Vojta who is known as Smusa.
  • Nejfake - (voiced by Chris Niosi) A Mysterious Crew member with mask. Based on Youtuber known as Nejfake who never exposed his identity to Public.
  • Captain Jetsen - (voiced by River Kanoff) A ship captain and a veteran of Space Missions.
  • House- (voiced by Martin Billany)
  • The Curator- (voiced by Marrissa Lenti)


Blackhole is a platformer in which a player has to collect Selfburns to procceed further in the game. There are also objects that change the gravity for player. It helps him reach places that would be otherwise unreachable for him. In the course of the game player gets through 6 ACTs set in different world such as a Cave or a jungle.[9]


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