Bladet Tromsø

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Bladet Tromsø
Type Daily newspaper
Format Tabloid (Compact)
Owner(s) Harstad Tidende
Editor Jonny Hansen
Founded 1898
Political alignment None
Language Norwegian
Headquarters Tromsø, Norway
Official website

Bladet Tromsø is a daily (save for Sunday) newspaper published in Tromsø, Norway.


Bladet Tromsø was founded on 24 January 1898, with Erling Gjemsø as the first editor-in-chief, followed by Erling Steinbø.

The newspaper initially supported the Liberal Party. Following the party split in 1972, it aligned with the new Liberal People's Party for a short time before declaring its support of the Conservative Party.[1]

The newspaper was owned by Verdens Gang from 1986 to 1992.[1] It is now published by Bladet Tromsø A/S, a subsidiary of Harstad Tidende, and is through this part of Polaris Media, which was earlier owned by the Schibsted Group.[2] As of 2006, the paper had an average circulation of about 110.000. The editor-in-chief is Jonny Hansen.

The Lindberg case[edit]

Bladet Tromsø became internationally known in 1988 when they published an official report on seal hunting, written by Odd F. Lindberg. The report received international attention and led to a discussion about the Norwegian seal hunt and freedom of speech. The newspaper was sued by the seal hunters and sentenced after two court rounds to pay compensation. In May 1999, the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg reversed the ruling of the Norwegian court, marking a change in the standards of publication.[3]


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