Blaise (Marne)

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Origin Gillancourt
48°09′31″N 04°59′32″E / 48.15861°N 4.99222°E / 48.15861; 4.99222
Mouth Marne
48°37′41″N 04°41′52″E / 48.62806°N 4.69778°E / 48.62806; 4.69778Coordinates: 48°37′41″N 04°41′52″E / 48.62806°N 4.69778°E / 48.62806; 4.69778
Basin countries France
Length 85.7 km (53.3 mi)
Source elevation 305 m (1,001 ft)
Mouth elevation 110 m (360 ft)
Basin area 480 km2 (190 sq mi)

The Blaise (French: la Blaise) is an 85.7 km (53.3 mi) long river in the Haute-Marne and Marne départements, northeastern France. Its source is in the village of Gillancourt. It flows generally northwest. It is a left tributary of the Marne into which it flows at Arrigny.

Départements and communes along its course[edit]

This list is ordered from source to mouth: