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The Blanchard Valley Conference is an Ohio High School Athletic Association affiliated athletic league located in Hancock, Putnam, Seneca, and Wood Counties in northwest Ohio. Its name derives from the Blanchard River, which runs through the area in which the schools are located. Findlay, which is part of the Three Rivers Athletic Conference, and Fostoria St. Wendelin, which is part of the Sandusky River League in all sports but football, are the only high schools in Hancock County that are members of the Ohio High School Athletic Association that are not part of the BVC.

The BVC is well known for being a power conference for girls volleyball and basketball. Every year many schools are state ranked in both sports. In the last few years, Pandora-Gilboa, Leipsic, & McComb have been ranked within the top 5 range and finishing within top 5. (Findlay)Liberty-Benton has also contributed to the power of the conference in Division 3 the last 2 years. The first polls for Division 4 volleyball include, McComb as #2, Leipsic #6, Pandora-Gilboa #7, and Arlington #11. The last year a Blanchard Valley School has finished with a perfect season record was in 2010 when Pandora-Gilboa finished 21-0, and 24-1 overall losing to BVC school McComb, who also had an impressive record that season with only one loss (Pandora-Gilboa) before heading into tournaments, in Regional Finals. McComb also finished with an undefeated season in 2013! Within Seasons to come, Hopewell Loudon will be adding to the volleyball power, as they won 5 consecutive state titles from 1995-2000 and have several runners-up titles as well

Girls Basketball is huge in the BVC too. Within the last few years, Liberty Benton has won a state title and runners up title, Arlington has won a state title, Riverdale was a final for contender, and Pandora-Gilboa and (maybe) Arcadia were regional runners-up.

Current members[edit]

The member schools of the Blanchard Valley Conference.
School Nickname Location Colors
Arcadia Redskins Arcadia Red, White
Arlington Red Devils Arlington Red, Black
Cory-Rawson Hornets Mount Cory and Rawson Green, Gold
Hopewell-Loudon Chieftains Bascom Scarlet, Gray
Leipsic Vikings Leipsic Purple, Gold
Liberty-Benton Eagles Findlay, Liberty Township, and Benton Ridge Blue, White
McComb Panthers McComb (and Formerly Hoytville ) Red, Black
North Baltimore Tigers North Baltimore Orange, Black
Pandora-Gilboa Rockets Pandora Scarlet,Gray
Riverdale Falcons Mt. Blanchard Royal Blue, White
Van Buren Black Knights Van Buren Orange, Black
Vanlue Wildcats Vanlue Scarlet, Gray

Note: Leipsic and Pandora-Gilboa are also affiliated with the Putnam County League.[1]

Recent expansion[edit]

Three schools of the possible four wanted joined the BVC in 2014. This expansion was nicknamed the "Liberty-Benton membership-extension addition" because of the size of (an) additional school(s) is "keeping Liberty-Benton in the conference." Supporting Evidence of this nickname comes from Liberty-Benton officials commenting on spectator and media statements of the school needing to apply for a new conference because of the school is placed in Division V for football as all other schools in the conference were only in Division VII. School Officials said the school would have to look for a new conference by 2016 if the expansion didn't pass.

League history[1][edit]

The BVC formed in time for the 1965-66 school year with Arcadia, Arlington, Cory-Rawson, Hardin Northern, Leipsic (football only), Liberty-Benton, McComb, Van Buren, Vanlue, and Westwood as the inaugural members. When Westwood's district was absorbed by the Bowling Green City School District in 1966, Pandora-Gilboa replaced them in the league for the 1966-67 school year..

Leipsic and Pandora-Gilboa joined the league for basketball play in 1971-72, while also being co-members of the Putnam County League.

On April 19, 2012, Ada High School of the Northwest Conference, along with Calvert, Hopewell-Loudon, and North Baltimore of the Midland Athletic League made pitches to join the BVC after answering a letter of interest made in February 2012.[2]

On May 21, 2012, the BVC extended invitations to Hopwell-Loudon and North Baltimore with the following report coming from the Findlay Courier:

By an 8-0 vote, with two abstentions, member schools of the Blanchard Valley Conference on Monday voted to approve expansion. North Baltimore and Hopewell-Loudon were formally invited to join the league. Those two schools have until July 1 to accept. Expansion would take effect for the 2014-15 school year. BVC officials still hope to add two more schools to eventually make the conference a 14-team league. Football would be split into two divisions, based on boys enrollment figures combined with a multiplier of wins over the previous four seasons. The schools would then be ranked 1-12 (or 1-14, if two more schools are added); odd-number ranked teams would make up one division and even-number ranked teams the other. There will be no North-South, East-West or straight enrollment-based split of divisions. Under a 12-team format, each football team would play the other teams in its division once, have two crossover games with the other division and an eighth conference game against a team in the same slot in the other division. Each school would have a second non-conference game on its schedule. All other sports will be in a single-division format. The two BVC members who are also part of the Putnam County League, Leipsic and Pandora-Gilboa, will remain full members of the PCL.[3]

North Baltimore accepted the BVC's invitation on June 19, 2012 and Hopewell-Loudon did the same a day later.[4] Both schools joined for the 2014-15 season.

In April 2013, BVC President Traci Conley indicated the BVC wanted to expand to 14 members and first sent an invitation to Riverdale High School.[5] Riverdale accepted the invitation on April 22, 2013,[6] which meant the BVC wanted to pursue a 14th member to join the league. Riverdale's membership in the N10 was terminated shortly thereafter,[7] and they would likely not have joined the BVC until 2015-16 at the earliest, but with Hardin Northern dropping football in 2013, Riverdale was admitted for all sports beginning in 2014.[8]

In May 2013, Upper Scioto Valley publicly indicated that they were interested in joining the BVC as its 14th member, since they felt that its league, the Northwest Central Conference was no longer stable.[9]

In late 2013, the NWCC extended an invitation to Hardin Northern, which also required a response by March 1, 2014.[10] After suspending Hardin Northern from league play in football from 2013-2015, the BVC voted 9-1 (HN the lone dissenting vote) to refuse a guarantee that Hardin Northern would return to the league for that sport.[11] This pressure caused Hardin Northern's school board to decide on February 19, 2014 to withdraw from the BVC and apply to the NWCC for membership.[12] The NWCC accepted Hardin Northern as a full member for 2014-15 on March 19, 2014, with football joining in 2015-16.[13]

With Hardin Northern's departure, the BVC will likely remain at an even 12 schools for the time being. It's not a matter of if but when Arcadia and Vanlue consolidate.


School OHSAA 9,10,&11 Enrollment figure of students with

athletic opportunities for tournaments 2013

Arcadia 165
Arlington 151
Cory-Rawson 167
Hardin Northern 105
Leipsic 159
Liberty-Benton 338
McComb 194
Pandora-Gilboa 158
Van Buren 252
Vanlue 64

Football champions[edit]

Year Champions
1965 Cory-Rawson, McComb
1966 Cory-Rawson
1967 Cory-Rawson
1968 Cory-Rawson
1969 Cory-Rawson
1970 Cory-Rawson,Arlington,McComb
1971 Cory-Rawson
1972 Arlington
1973 Cory-Rawson
1974 Liberty-Benton
1975 Arlington, Leipsic
1976 Arlington
1977 Cory-Rawson
1978 Liberty-Benton
1979 Arlington
1980 Pandora-Gilboa, Cory-Rawson, McComb
1981 Leipsic
1982 McComb
1983 McComb
1984 McComb
1985 McComb
1986 Arlington, McComb
1987 Arlington
1988 Van Buren
1989 Van Buren
1990 McComb
1991 Van Buren, McComb
1992 Cory-Rawson
1993 Hardin Northern, McComb
1994 Hardin Northern, Leipsic
1995 Hardin Northern
1996 Hardin Northern
1997 Hardin Northern
1998 Pandora-Gilboa, Hardin Northern
1999 Pandora-Gilboa
2000 McComb
2001 McComb
2002 Hardin Northern
2003 Cory-Rawson, Hardin Northern
2004 Liberty-Benton
2005 Hardin Northern
2006 Liberty-Benton
2007 Liberty-Benton
2008 Liberty-Benton
2009 Leipsic
2010 McComb
2011 Leipsic
2012 McComb
2013 Liberty-Benton

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