Blanche of Castile, Infanta of Portugal

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Blanche of Castile
Abbess of Santa María la Real
Tenure 1333-1375
Spouse Infante Peter of Portugal
House House of Burgundy
Father Infante Peter, Lord of Cameros
Mother Infanta Maria of Aragon
Born 1315
Died 1375
Las Huelgas
Burial Las Huelgas
Religion Roman Catholicism

Blanche of Castile (1315–1375) was the only child of Infante Peter of Castile and his wife Infanta Maria of Aragon. She was a member of the Castilian House of Burgundy. She was a granddaughter of James II of Aragon as well as Sancho IV of Castile.


Early life[edit]

Blanche was born in 1315. Her parents had married in December 1311 in the city of Calatayud. Her father, Peter, was lord of Cameros, Almazán, Berlanga de Duero, Monteagudo and Cifuentes and steward of his brother, King Ferdinand IV of Castile; after the latter's death (which occurred in 1312) he was appointed guardian of his nephew Alfonso XI of Castile. Peter died in 1319, when Blanche was roughly four years old. He died in Grenada[verification needed] aged twenty, leaving his wife and daughter.


In the spring of 1320, Blanche and her mother left Castile and travelled to Aragon, where they remained for several years. In 1322, her mother and Garcilaso de la Vega, who was the administrator of their estate in Castilian territory, agreed that Blanche should marry her cousin when she came of age Alfonso XI; the plans fell through and the marriage did not take place.[1]

In 1325, her maternal grandfather, James II planned to marry her to John, Lord of Vizcaya, an enemy of Philip of Castile, Garcilaso de la Vega and Alvar Núñez Osorio, who were the new privates to Alfonso XI of Castile. In 1325 Alfonso XI came of age and broke the marriage plans between Blanche and John, as Alfonso feared John would take Blanche's lands in Castile. In November 1326, John was executed in the town of Toro on the order of Alfonso.

Marriage and later life[edit]

The Monastery of Santa María la Real, where Blanche was Abbess

In September 1325, Blanche married Infante Peter of Portugal, heir to his father Alfonso IV of Portugal. The marriage lasted for eight years, they had no children. In 1333, Peter obtained an annulment of their marriage on the grounds of non-consummation.[2]

After the divorce, Blanche returned to Castile, where she was appointed abbess of the Monastery of Santa María la Real at Las Huelgas; she held the post until her death. She was the last abbess who held the civil dominion over the Monastery de las Huelgas de Burgos.

Blanche died in 1375 at Las Huelgas.



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