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Blanket training is an approach used to train toddlers and pre-schoolers to attain self-discipline. Proponents believe that with consistent training, the child will acquire an ability to play contentedly and quietly by her/himself for an extended period of time.

A parent designates a certain amount of time (usually 15–45 minutes, depending on the age of the child) that a child must sit by him/herself on a blanket on the floor. The child is not permitted to leave the perimeter of the blanket, and may play quietly with a toy while seated on the blanket. The desired outcome is that after daily training in this manner, eventually the child will sit and play quietly on the blanket whenever and wherever the child is asked to do so, provided that they are not asked to overstay their normal time on the blanket.

Known practitioners of the practice include the Duggars. [1]


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